The environmental situation on this planet is of great concern to me.

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Please be conscious of polution and energy consumption at any time!
We only have one planet Earth and we are currently not using it in a sustainable way. Let's try as much as we can!

Please realise that objects that you buy and places that you go to have a price that goes beyond the money that you pay for them. You may not have to pay it, but somewhere and sometime someone will.

This is my ecology page. it contains a number of links and intersting things.

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Andrew Cohen

Twenty First Century Enlightenment - Andrew Cohen

Enlightened Activism, By Andrew Cohen

Q: Doesn't the seriousness and imminence of global crises like climate change demand a kind of immediate activism that makes pursuing spiritual transformation almost irrelevant at this point?

A: No. We have to do both. The practical solutions that we need to find to address the very real problems that we're facing, climate change among the most important, have to be based upon a shift in consciousness itself. It's just not going to happen any other way. And at the same time, the context for individual transformation has to be the desperate urgency of our global predicament. One supports the other. The change that we seek for in the world around us, we have to generate at the core of our own being. Many people who are just responding to the external crisis, unsupported by their own internal development, usually get burned out because their soul is not being fed. And on the other hand, many who are only pursuing personal spiritual transformation are simply looking for a means of escape, unwilling to face and engage with the overwhelming challenges of being a human being in this world at this crucial point in our collective evolution. So once again, we all have to do both. Only in awakening to a higher level of consciousness can we create the spiritually enlightened context for a new kind of activism.

Andrew Cohen
April 2005

This week's quote is taken from a teaching on “Enlightened Activism” given during a day seminar in London, April 2005. The full teaching is now available on DVD–for more information or to watch a sample clip, click here.

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Big Picture TV

an online media channel that streams free video clips of global leaders in sustainability. Browse a growing archive of internationally renowned names including scientists, environmentalists, politicians, journalists, academics and activists.


Haags Milieucentrum

De Stichting Het Haags Milieucentrum streeft naar een zo duurzaam mogelijk Den Haag en omgeving. Ze doet dit op twee manieren: door zelf activiteiten te ontplooien en door plaatselijke en regionale natuur- en milieuorganisaties te ondersteunen.
Iedereen kan met vragen over natuur en milieu bij het Milieucentrum terecht.





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